Paschberg Innsbruck

Paschberg is a forest area near Innsbruck - walking distance from the city it is a very popular escape for the locals. Popular for dog walkers, joggers and anyone just looking at getting out of the city. I like to walk through it early morning especially when it gets foggy in autumn and winter.

I have not seen much wildlife in Paschberg other than the usual squirrels and birds but I have hear that there are the occasional deer and fox. It is a very busy area so not sure how often you will be able to see any.

Paschberg is the ideal place to recharge your batteries! 

Icy spring - Weekend in review

Sunday I was picked up by a colleague at 5:15 in the morning to photograph the sunrise near Innsbruck . We ended up going to a spot in Paschberg (near Lansermoor) where we waited for the sun. The colours were beautiful but without any clouds the pictures are a bit boring IMO so we decided to head down to Obernberg (Wipptal) to check out the lake. I was surprised at how cold it still is up there and the amount of ice. Walking around we found a few cool things to photograph. Definitely a place to revisit this summer and certainly a great spot to do some astrophotography.



This Weekend (24th to 26th April) I have a few things coming up photographically. Friday I will be going up the mountain to Seegrubbe in Innsbruck with FIF (Fotografie INN Fokus) to get some nice sunset and night photos of Innsbruck. Maybe try my hand at some time-lapse photography and star trails. If you are interested in joining FIF on one of their walks visit the Facebook Page here.

On Saturday there will be another rugby match in Hatting in Tirol. Rugby Club Innsbruck are hosting the rugby team from the Allgäu in the Southern Bavarian league - KO 12:30. I will be there to try and capture some interesting and memorable moments on camera. For this weekend I have loaned a camera to try out, the classic Canon 1D Mark III! Yes it is old and only 10Mpics but this was THE camera in 2008 for sports so looking forward to seeing what it can do and how it compares to my Canon 7D. Come and support the local Rugby Club!


Weekend Review

On Saturday I was photographing my local Rugby teams in action in Hatting. The weather was a bit overcast giving a very diffused light which was great for even light. I had my Canon 7D and 100-400mm lens and am pretty happy with the results.

The day started off with the Womens's 7s tournament hosted by WRCI - you can find the Report on their Website here with my photo gallery on flickr here

Here my favourite of the women's 7s tournament.

Here my favourite of the women's 7s tournament.

The men's game involving Rugby Club Innsbruck vs SG Fürstenfeldbruck/UFG was late afternoon with a 15:00 KO. My local Team won the game handsomely and you can find the match report here and the photo Gallery on flickr here.  

Here my favourite from the mens game.

Here my favourite from the mens game.

Next game (Saturday 25th April) RC Innsbruck will play at home (Hatting) and KO will be at 14:00. See you there. More info to follow.