Kühtai Hike

Location: Picture was taken in Kuhtai in Tirol Austria

Time: Taken on the 3rd September at around 14:30

Lighting: On the day there were clouds moving in and some snow showers mixed with rain

Equipment: Camera was the Canon 5D Mark IV with the 17-40mm lens. I used a Pol filter with grad filters all set up on a tripod.

Winner of the Mountain Top Challenge on Viewbug

Winner of the Mountain Top Challenge on Viewbug

Inspiration: I was on a hike up the mountain and on my way back almost to the car I had to cross the stream and the clouds pulled back at the right time to reveal the mountain in the background so I used the opportunity to get the shot.

Editing: The usual post processing by adding some contrast, opening up the shadows. It was a pretty flat image but with a touch of Orten effect in PS and some dodge and burn I came to the result I liked.