What happened in the last month of the Rugby Season

16th May was the Bavarian league game against Nördlingen in the middle of Innsbruck at Fenner. We get the opportunity very few times a year to show case our club in Innsbruck and we then make a big event of it. Nördlingen were the lucky team to get the draw (we can not select dates, we take what we can get). In the end it was a comfortable win for the hosts against a side that has improved over the season.

Here some of my favourite photos of the game.


A Few weeks later we hosted the Austrian champions to Innsbruck – this time we got a pitch in Reichenau. It turned out to be a beautiful day in more ways than one ;-) We have struggled to beat the Champions ever since our addition to the Austrian Bundesliga. We came close a few times losing 7-3 in Vienna a few years ago and met them in the Bundesliga final three times but losing all three.

Well we finally did it! RCI played a solid hard game and had Donau on the backfoot for most of the game. There was one moment when a lapse of concentration let Donau in for a try and I thought to myself, oh bugger here we go again but the RCI boys pulled it back and played their hearts out to pull off a win against the champions in the last Bundesliga game of the season! RC Donau went on the win the title yet again in the final against RC Stade.

It was also a day of saying goodbye to a few players like Ewan (who did most of the coaching this season), Anton and Guro. A few others will be away for a few months to a year – studies abroad but they will be back! Here a special Thanks to Ewan, Anton and Guro for bringing in their own way something special to RCI.