Spent the long weekend babysitting my daughter’s Jack Russell and came to the realization that having a dog is just too much work. Love having him for the weekend but gratefully gave him back on Sunday. Give me a cat any day!

Took the dog on a walk up to Höttingeralm near Innsbruck and thanks to a lot of cloud movement I had an opportunity to try out a time-lapse. Using my trusty RicohGR pocket camera I used the internal camera timer to run the time-lapse. This worked without a glitch and here is my result:

I went for B&W to give the video imagery a more contrast and moody feel. The timer I set for a picture every 5 seconds and using my ND filter I was able to get a slower shutter speed to make the transition smoother. Unfortunately I only managed to get 10 frames per second on my video editing software (iMovie) and will have to get myself a better editing app to get 24 frames a second for future time-lapse videos.

On Sunday I took the dog for another walk this time armed with my 400mm lens looking for some birds (the feathered kind). Managed to get a nice shot of a Robin which is probably my favorite bird species. It was playing hide and seek with me but I did manage to get this shot:


Also got a shot of a bird I have not noticed before - Common redstart

I missed Rugby Club Innsbruck's away game in Vienna which we won narrowly by 10-13 but will be in Hatting to support them against a very strong RC Stade this Saturday (KO at 12:30). Visit the club website for details of the last game and next fixtures at