Downhill Trails

I was asked to shoot some photos of the Nordekette Downhill singletrail and managed to snap this shot. timing was perfect to get the cable car in the background as the downhill biker took the jump.

MBM -8537.jpg

Spring Hike

Over the weekend I spent some time with the family and my daughters dog was the perfect model on our hike. There was this spot in the forest where the light was perfect and I managed to get the curious Jack Russell sniffling around the moss.


My family (wife and daughter) invited me to a mountain hut in the South Tyrolean Alps for my birthday. Zirog Enzianhütte is just past Brenner on the Austria/Italy border and reachable with an easy 2 hour hike. We picked the coldest day of the winter so far to hike up there and at sunset I wanted to take a nice picture and had it all planned with filter and longexposure with cloud movements etc. However at -20°C I packed up right after getting this shot. I was freezing!! Hope you like the shot I managed to get.